An important discovery of our times might happen in Africa!!!

Recent times are a big changeover times for the continent of Africa in many good ways and the researchers from the British Geological Survey and University College London (UCL) believe the best thing for Africa is still waiting hidden under the surface in aquifers, WATER!!!!!


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A Laid off Irish Construction worker turns an Entrepreneur and employs fellow jobless!!

Ireland with an unemployment rate of 14.9% (in 2011) is one of the recession-hit struggling/drowning economies of Europe. When the entire nation was experiencing such an unemployment rate, a laid off construction worker of Ireland did not sit still and wait to get state aid or employed. But rather, he started his own bakery called the Cherry Blossom Bakery and employs fellow jobless colleagues/construction workers!!

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Simon Stenson, our construction worker turned Entrepreneur trained all his staff by himself.

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New Orleans – the Start-ups hub

After being ravaged by Katrina, New Orleans is rebuilding itself and transforming into a hub for start-ups and social innovation.

You can apply to be a NOLAbound to participate in the center for Entrepreneurship and innovation – Applications are open for a month; click here to apply. Application deadline is on 31-dec-2011.


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We can feed 10 billion people in the future, If we change our way of growing food.

A new research says we can feed a population of 10 billion for the next century if we can change the way we grow food.