Now every child can live past 5!

Pneumonia and Diarrhea are still a major cause of child mortality in many poor countries. Lets take a look into What UN does to control malnutrition and vaccine preventable diseases to make sure every child lives upto 5 years.

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An important discovery of our times might happen in Africa!!!

Recent times are a big changeover times for the continent of Africa in many good ways and the researchers from the British Geological Survey and University College London (UCL) believe the best thing for Africa is still waiting hidden under the surface in aquifers, WATER!!!!!


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How high school for girls means population control and a sustainable growth.

Demographers says that a sustainable growth needs a check on population control which in turn could be easily done with sending girls to high school. Experts says this one possible way to make sure population growth doesnot overtake economy growth.


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A great kid with a greater mission.

Lilly Casiraghi is on a mission to send mosquito nets to kids in Africa through Nothing But Nets, an organization that distributes nets to children in malaria zones around the world